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Cascade Labs

SUB-20 Launch Edition

SUB-20 Launch Edition

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The Cascade Labs SUB-20 is the most powerful and versatile ITX case ever built. With ever-increasing heat outputs from new CPUs and GPUs, the SUB-20’s immense cooling potential has never been more of a necessity. The modular design of this case allows its layout to be tailored to your needs, be it liquid or air cooling. 

Using 6-32 screws (the same used for GPUs, motherboards, and SSDs), the modular motherboard tray is held in place. By loosening these screws, the entire tray can be slid toward the rear of the case (increasing tower cooler clearance). Any position along this sliding scale can be held, meaning you can use as much or as little of the cable management chamber as you desire. This modularity allows the SUB-20 to be optimized for air-cooling (rear motherboard tray position to maximize cooler height or liquid cooling (forward position to maximize cable management room behind the motherboard) without adding more components to the design.

  • Max GPU length – 342mm
  • Max GPU height: 4 Slots
  • Max Cooler height – 175mm
  • Dimensions of core: 198x348x283
  • Volume of core: 19.5L
  • Dimensions of case excl protrusions: 284x201x349.
  • Materials: Steel
  • Mesh panels on all sides
  • Motherboard support: ITX, mATX
  • IO: 1x USB Type C 3.2 Gen 2
  • Fan support top: 2x140mm, 2x120mm
  • Fan support front: 2x120mm
  • Fan support rear: 1x120mm
  • Fan support side: 2x120mm, 2x140mm (If PSU tray installed on side mount, only 1x120mm)
  • Fan support bottom: 2x120mm, 2x140mm
  • Radiator support top: 1x240mm
  • Radiator support front: 1x240mm
  • Radiator support bottom: 1x240mm, 1x280mm
  • Radiator support side: 1x240mm
  • PSU Clearance: 160mm (including system cables)
  • Power supply support: SFX/-L, ATX
  • 2x2.5" drive support

This is a preorder. Our manufacturers have specified an upper bound for lead time as 4 weeks including shipping to your home. We will update you frequently with insider info on the production process throughout this period.

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